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“What day is it?(with Ellie)”

I just did an hour radio show with Jene Galvin, sitting in for Jerry Springer, on the Jerry & Jene Folk Hour.

It airs regularly on Sundays @ 9 AM on WMKV — 89.3 FM and this particular show will air on 4/16/2023. Recorded: Ambient Sound Studios 2303 Gilbert Ave!

Leo Coffee House (Queen City Balladeers) was a hot topic- (hotter than I understood it would be and so represented the best I could on the fly without my facts at hand:) I gave shout-outs to workshops, the Leo format, plus the website address and a muddled jamboroo of the street address! Jene played three of my songs—two new ones— and plugged me AND Leo Coffee House. He asked about the reunion, which of course I knew nothing about... so could give no intel! (Who knows about the reunion? Like when and where and who?)

I just want to get the word out about this great Sunday morning show! This is a great resource. Jene knows a lot about 60s folk music--the players, the history, the times-- and he and Jerry are old friends and very funny together! I think the music would be something anyone who loves 60s folk music would be into!


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